Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Gauge's Favorite Toy


         In January we visited Gaby's college town of New Paltz, New York. When we got to the 
                 beautiful Water Street Market, we had to stop into Paws of Distinction. An awesome
             pet store that truly puts the needs of the animals first. Not only is their paint specifically
 chosen so that the pets can lick away worry-free, so are their floors, and all of their food products
are heavily researched. Many brands we had never heard of, but the woman behind the counter was more than willing to answer any questions we had. And they strongly
encourage owners bringing their furry friends into the store! The woman
helping us even gave us free samples of both dog and cat food (which they both devoured).

After telling the woman about Gauge's ability to destroy any toy that comes across his path.
She began showing us a line of toys that come with a 100% guarantee; meaning IF Gauge
were to destroy these, we would only have to ship them back to the company (shipping fee)
and they would replace, free of charge. 

Below is a picture of the BUMI (zogoflex) by West Paw Design. This boomerang type toy has provided Gauge with endless fun for the last couple of months. He plays with it alone, we can tug-o-war with him, it bounces, it floats, an awesome fetch object, dishwasher-safe, 100% recyclable, and best of all, the slobber seems to evaporate immediately!

                                             Click here to visit West Paw Design's website

Gauge, patiently waiting for his Bumi to be thrown to him. 

Ummm…where is my Bumi?

After 3 months the Bumi has survived without as much as a minor scratch. 
Gauge, is still a baby, despite his big size, he hasn't even reached the age of 2 yet.
So when we say he is constantly chewing on this toy, we mean all of the time!
We can confidently say it is the best toy ever purchased, and we would highly recommend the products to anyone!

Paws Approved: 100% recyclable, 100% guarantee, indestructible, dishwasher safe, pretty, unique designs, variety of uses, easily order online. 
No Paws Approved: we can't think of any right now. 

Paws Of Distinction
Address: 10 Main Stret #305, New Paltz, NY 12561
Phone: 845-255-3991

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