Sunday, March 8, 2015

About This Foodie Couple

                         Our Foodie Love Affair

A young couple that loves going out in search of some great gulp & grub. 

We're Gary and Gaby. 
The long tongue in the middle
belongs to Gary's pit bull Gauge.

                            Food is what brought us together. 

Our foodie love affair started a little over a year ago when we met working together in a restaurant.
 Gaby the bartender and Gary a chef. 
  It was truly love at first bite. 
Or sip, we can't remember.

On this blog we plan on sharing some of our opinions about our 
favorite and least favorite restaurants, bars, drinks and recipes.
From both his and her perspectives.  
Side note: we consider ourselves "bar people" more so than 
"dining people"…aka we love to sit at a beautiful bar. 

 Dog lovers;
we're including some of our favorite brands of
food and toys for the furry friends out there. 

                       The love we have for food can't be contained.

                                 We want to share it with everyone!

About Us 

Gary: What was once just a hobby, has now turned into an always growing passion. I have been working in the food service industry since I was 14 years old.  I attended a two year program in a vocational high school (Prosser School of Technology). I was taught by a former chef from Sullivan University and two other fantastic instructors. From there I attended and graduated from Johnson & Wales University in Charlotte, NC. I've worked in a variety of establishments; hospitality corporations like Hilton Hotel, catering, fine-dining establishments like Due Mari (with consulting Chef Michael White), and even successful Irish Pubs. While catering I became really fascinated with bar tending and the flavor profiles that can be developed in a cocktail. My ability to quickly adapt behind the bar allowed for a smooth transition to becoming bar manager. I currently cook and bartend at a restaurant in New Brunswick, NJ. 

Gaby: I have also been working in the service industry since I was 15 years old.  My love for food was sparked by my Father who was always in the kitchen when I was younger, and my Grandmother who worked in a bakery while I was growing up. I have held many different positions ranging from simple cashier duties, to waitressing at various Irish Restaurants, catering, and bar tending at a variety of different establishments. I am now pursuing my Master's Degree in Industrial/Organizational Psychology at Montclair State University. 

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